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Clifford Law Offices PC

A Tradition of Success

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Clifford Law Offices PC

Clifford Law Offices PC and Rankings of our firm include:
First, one of the top Chicago law firms, and I have included us on the U.S. News & World Report’s list of Best Law Firms.
Second, our Chicago personal injury attorneys have experience.
Protect your interests and help you seek fair compensation for your injuries or losing a loved one.
Meanwhile, recognized leaders in personal injury and wrongful death cases litigation in medical malpractice,
Train accidents, construction, transportation, aviation litigation, In the same way, other complex matters.

Chicago Sexual Harassment and Workplace Discrimination Lawyer

Certainly, federal law in the United States gives employees the right to a workplace free from molestation and,
For instance, discrimination based on personal identity,
including the right to work without the dread of sexual harassment.
To illustrate, sexual harassment is a broad term that can apply to many scenarios. However, the root of sexual harassment is a coworker, supervisor,
or employer creating a hostile work environment for an employee based on his or her sex or gender.
So, when employees suffer sexual harassment or sexual discrimination in the workplace. Resolving the issue and recovering damages is difficult.  

Clifford Law Offices PC, Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Chicago

You’ve suffered sexual harassment in the workplace and discussed your options with one of our attorneys.
At Clifford Law Offices in Chicago,
We understand that a sexual harassment case,
It can not only cause physical and psychological harm.
But also economic losses from lost income and missed opportunities for advancement.

Filing an EEOC Complaint

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
(EEOC) requires employees to provide notice if they intend,
Subsequently, when harassment happens, an act of the workplace.
In fact, you must take legal action immediately.
When based on sex or any other protected category, is discrimination
like religion, skin color, similarly, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Clifford Law Offices PC, Chicago personal injury lawyer

The EEOC investigation will determine whether there is reasonable cause for legal action.

Understanding Sexual Harassment and Sexual Discrimination

Sexual harassment can include things like unwelcome
sexual advances, sexual jokes or references, sexual gestures,
posting sexual content around the workplace,
pressuring a subordinate employee to perform sexual favors.
The line between sexual harassment and sexual assault is physical contact (Chicago personal injury lawyer).
When an offender touches a victim in an unwelcome sexual manner, he or she commits sexual assault.
Sexual discrimination can refer to any employment-related decisions based on an employee’s sex, such as promotions, pay raises, transfers, participation in special projects, and pay rates.
Sexual discrimination lawsuits may yield compensation
for an employee’s lost pay and benefits that he or she
She would have expected to earn had the discrimination not taken place.

Clifford Law Offices PC

Compensation for Sexual Harassment Lawsuits

Several types of damages are available for sexual harassment lawsuits. Typically, employees will recover economic losses sustained because of harassment or feel forced to leave a hostile work environment.

Clifford Law Offices PC

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Q Does your office handle lawyer malpractice, and would you report to the bar association or would I have to? I have other aspects I need legal for including what is most likely medical malpractice. My problem is I am anoxic from heart failure.

Hi Rick! We recommend you speak directly with our intake team to see if we can help

Q Does you law office represent with Lottery Winners

Hi Dexter! Please submit your inquiry through our website. Here is the link: https://www.cliffordlaw.com/contact-us/ Thank you!

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