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If you need help, contact us today. In most cases, your first consultation is free. If they do not compensate you for your injury, there’s no charge for our services.

Meet the Team, Kelley & Canterbury LLC has been a family-owned law firm working to give injured Alaskans peace of mind since 1975. We help individuals and families get compensation and. The support they must get after the negligent actions of another injures them.

At Kelley & Canterbury LLC, every step of the way, we’re on your side, at your side. We’re dedicated to helping you navigate through this difficult time and find closure after your accident. You can think of us as more than attorneys; we are justice-seeking advocates and compassionate allies in your personal injury case. Our team will focus on doing the legal legwork, so you can focus on healing and returning to your family and life in Anchorage, Alaska and the surrounding areas. Whether they involved you in a car accident or another type of incident, or you are going through the insurance claims process, we can help you.

Our personal injury attorneys and staff will work as a team to guide you through the legal process from beginning to end. We’ll help you deal with insurance companies and the other side’s attorneys to get the compensation you deserve, so you can put this terrible experience behind you. As a family-owned law firm, we understand how a personal injury accident can affect an entire family. If you or a loved one has been negligently injured. That person or company must be responsible. Personal injuries can knock you off your feet and burden you with family strains.

Especially when hefty medical expenses leave you unable to provide for you and your family. If you have questions, browse our practice areas, read our asked questions, or contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and let you know how we can help get you back to normal.

To learn how we can help you, browse our practice areas below. Personal Injury. Car Accidents. Truck Accidents. Motorcycle Accident Trips. Slips and Falls. Recreational Vehicle. Bicycle and Pedestrian Injuries. Insurance Claims. Claims Against Drunk Drivers. Claims Against Uninsured & Under insured Motorists. Medical Malpractice?

Practice Areas

To learn how we can help you, browse our practice areas below.

Personal Injury

Car Accidents

Truck Accidents

Motorcycle Accidents

Trips, Slips, and Falls

Recreational Vehicle, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Injuries

Insurance Claims

Claims Against Drunk Drivers

Claims Against Uninsured & Underinsured Motorists

Medical Malpractice


Q How Do You Know If Your Lawyer Is Putting Your Interest As The Top Priority?

Have you been injured in an accident? Maybe a reckless or distracted driver caused a motor vehicle accident, or maybe you tripped over an obstruction on a sidewalk because it was carelessly hidden in the un-shoveled snow. Regardless of how you were injured, if another party is responsible for your injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation under Alaska’s personal injury laws.

Q How do I pay for my legal fees?

We take cases on a contingency fee basis based upon a percentage of the total recovery. This means if there is no monetary recovery, you owe us nothing for our services.

Legal fees for most personal injury cases are paid upon a “contingency” percentage basis. Fees are calculated as a percentage of the total recovery of damages. They are “contingent” because if there is no recovery of damages, then your fee is zero.

Q How much is my case worth?

A lawyer who tells you how much your case is worth before even working on the case is probably making a promise that can’t be kept.

Kelley & Canterbury Shake HandsThe value of a case depends upon the extent of harm and damage that you suffered, and the full extent of harm and damage may not be known at the onset of the case. Depending on the specifics of your case, we may be able to give you some idea of what similar cases have settled for in the past, but the truth is that every case is unique.

Our job is to maximize your recovery to make sure you get justice in your case–no matter what it takes. To discuss how much your case may be worth, contact us. We will talk about how we evaluate a case’s value.

Q When will an attorney speak to me?

The moment you call Kelley & Canterbury, a lawyer will review the facts and law that apply to your case to determine if we can help you.

Kelley & Canterbury also has legal assistants to help the attorneys work on your case. These legal assistants are an integral part of our team. Many times, the lawyers who are directly responsible for your case may be out of the office or working on another case. You should know that when you want to speak with the lawyer who is responsible for your case, every attempt will be made to have that lawyer call you directly as quickly as possible.

Q Should I Sign a Medical Lien from My Doctor When I’m Involved in a Collision?

Perhaps you have heard of a medical lien but are not really sure what it consists of. Then you are injured in an automobile accident and are asked to sign a medical lien. Should you? The short answer is no, you should never sign a medical lien without first discussing the situation with an experienced personal injury attorney. First, let’s discuss what a medical lien is.

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