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King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer

King Aminpour, started college at 11 and finished law school

In 19. We have recovered millions of dollars from,

Clients as their personal injury attorney.

He is the car accident attorney who has developed Aminpour’s

Car Accident Lawyer and turned it into one of San Diego,

CA’s leading personal injury attorney law firms.

He believes that every client he works with as his or her

auto accident attorney or personal injury attorney deserves the best care.

That is why he treats each client like a member of his own family,

And why he is a top car crash attorney in San Diego.

Whether you need an accident attorney, motorcycle accident attorney,

Or personal injury attorney in San Diego, CA,

He helps you receive the compensation you deserve.

To get back to the level of wellness you experienced before your accident.



If you need a Car Accident Lawyer in San Diego,
You have come to the right place.


  1. Our Car Accident Lawyers Firm is San Diego’s premier
Personal Injury Law Firm.
  1. With a 99% success rate, we can help you recover your losses and get a settlement.
  2. You deserve after an accident has left you or a loved one with injuries,
Or loss of personal property.


Whether you need Car Accident Lawyers, Motorcycle Accident Lawyers,

King Aminpour Car Accident Lawyer can help you get an accident attorney for your case.
Listen to testimonials from our previous clients or read, 
Our car accident lawyer reviews.
If you, a friend, family member,
loved, we have injured one in an auto accident,
Contact our office immediately.
And would like to speak with accident attorneys about
Your specific situation.


Learn how King Aminpour’s Car Accident Lawyer can help you
Recover from your loss and receive compensation.
A settlement, please call us to schedule a free consultation.
A personal injury lawyer is ready and,
Waiting to discuss your options with you and help you.
Set up a plan to get your life back on track and get the care you deserve.


King Aminpour Law Firm Car Accident Attorneys will work strong,
Get you the settlement you deserve.
Whether we settle out of court or take your case to the courtroom litigation,
That your Accident Lawyer, all they can execute is to ensure,
Gave your case the attention it deserves.
Our goal, your Accident Attorney.
The goal is to return to the level of health you were at before your injury.
We are focusing on restoring the health and wellbeing of each client.
After your treatment is complete,
Your Car Accident Lawyer King Aminpour and team will work on your case,
And, will strive to settle within four months from the time
Medical treatment is complete.
If litigation is necessary, while this may prolong your case,
Your Car Accident Lawyer will be with you every step of the way,
Certainly, you will get the care you deserve.

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