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Rafi Law Group, Although accidents can happen or place,

Very few people actually expect to involve in one or

Lose a loved one because of an accident-related injury.
Acts of negligence can prevent everyday people,
professionals, or corporate entities,
Were to take reasonable precautions and care.
Unfortunately, negligent acts continue to cause accidents and injuries,
And can even claim lives.
At Rafi Law Group, PLLC, we understand the overwhelming
Nature of accidents and injuries.
Rafi Law Group, PLLC. Accidents Lawyer.

Rafi Law Group, PL LC. Accidents Lawyer.


Why hire our firm?

We focus only on personal injury claims.
Offer bilingual services.
Further, accept cases on a contingency fee basis.
And, are available 24/7
Our Phoenix personal injury lawyer has helped countless individuals
Throughout the state of Arizona.
We built our firm on the notion that all our clients will treat
with the utmost care and confidence,
And can receive comprehensive client service throughout
The duration of their case.

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Certainly, no one wants to search far and wide to find legal help.
After being in an accident.
They want a trustworthy lawyer by their side as soon as possible,
And, one that they know can handle their case.
At Rafi Law Group in Phoenix,
We have diversified our abilities among
Our eclectic legal team to let us handle a mixture of case types.
Now that you have found our firm,
You can rest easy knowing that an experienced team can help you,
Whether your case can settle or needs to go to court for litigation.

Personal injury cases we handle here include:

Car accidents:

Negligent drivers cause thousands of accidents every day across the country.
If you were in one such collision in Arizona, then choose our firm to help you make the most of your claim.

Truck accidents:

Serious truck accidents cause serious injuries,
And they must have answers by serious legal action.
Call us to discuss your truck accident claim with a legal professional.

Motorcycle accidents:

Motorcyclists often suffer catastrophic injuries in a wreck,
Even they were traveling at a low speed. Rafi Law Group.
Only fighting for and getting maximized compensation will do.

Premises liability:

Did you slip and fall in a store or a friend’s house?
Did someone’s dog bite you when you were walking by?
Our firm handles premises liability cases like these all the time.

Catastrophic injuries:

A life-changing injury will collect significant compensation to account for all damages.
Do you know how to fight for every penny they owe you?
We do.

Wrongful death:

Losing a loved one will cause grief and trauma that requires

All your energy to process.

Leave the legal aspects of a wrongful death case

To Rafi Law Group, so you do not distract yourself from healing.


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