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Helping families and accident victims throughout Nevada for 40 years.

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What started 40 years ago as a one-man operation has developed into a full-service Las Vegas personal injury lawyer that serves thousands of injured victims. Years of hard work and dedication to understanding our clients’ needs have enabled his personal injury law firm to develop the reputation for success it has today.

But without our team’s passion for helping injured people get the fair and full amount of compensation they are owed, we wouldn’t be here today. We’re aggressive when we need to be, compassionate when it counts, and always dedicated to your success. That’s what makes us. The best personal injury lawyers.

Practice Areas Richard Harris Law Firm

Dangerous: Aviation Accidents, Boating Accidents, Bus Accidents, etc. Drugs and products Real Water, Dog Bite, Medical Malpractice, a Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyer. Motorcycle Accidents. Nursing Home Abuse. Semi-Truck Accidents. Slip and Falls. Social Security Disability. Workers’ Compensation, Wrongful Death, and Real Water Lawsuits.

Click on the images below to learn more about the actual clients we have helped and how we were able to assist them in moving forward with their lives.


From the beginning, our firm has set the standard for extraordinary client service. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, with cases throughout the West, we’re committed to being by our clients’ side throughout the case resolution process. Frequently, that means heading to the skies in one of the Richard Harris Law Firm aircraft.

We’ve assembled a fleet of airplanes to make travel to meetings, scene inspections, depositions, mediations and court dates comfortable and convenient for our clients and our 25 plus lawyers. We match one of our planes to each mission.

Flying Magazine calls our Cirrus SR-22 GTS “the most sophisticated single-engine civilian airplane ever built, and by a long shot.” At 250 mph, the Cirrus covers a lot of ground quickly and makes travel for 4 to places like Tonopah and Ely easy to get to and back the same day.


Q Can you sue for emotional distress?

Yes. Emotional distress, pain and suffering are recoverable as general damages.

Q When would be a good time to call a lawyer after a car accident?

As soon possible. You can find more information about this at https://richardharrislaw

Q Are you handling a traffic ticket for taxi drivers

I know there is a ticket buster inside the building sharing with the Richard Harris Group.

Q Can I be represented for work harrasment, intimidation, retaliation and for my supervisor falsifying requested days off affecting multiple pay periods?

You do have a case however from here on out start documenting every little detail the date the time and the place where the event occurred in the comments that were made I'm sure they can help you out with that

Q Do represent clients of wronfful termination due to injury. Being worked while injured by the job negligence. And agaist OSAHA regulation and doctors restriction.

I think you're trying to ask can you be represented due to an injury of negligence of the employer and were terminated while you were injured yes you can be represented for that

Q (Translated by Google) Attorney Richard Harris helps with immigration ???

Yes. We handle immigration cases.

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