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Van Sant Law, LLC

Due to the huge size and speed of the truck,
truck accidents involving heavy commercial trucks are
some of the most devastating that occur.
If you seek to file a claim,
You must remember that you will face an individual driver and the trucking company that backs him.
You will need a law firm on your side with experience taking on the trucking industry–and winning.

The truck accident injury lawyers at Van Sant Law, LLC,
are prepared to help you even the playing field.

Accident Attorney AtlantaVan Sant Law, LLC _ Accident Attorney Atlanta Van Sant Law, LLC [car accident attorney near me]

When you force a trucker to take on his employer,
We understand their tactics and will fight for the compensation
You deserve it when you have suffered severe injuries.
Contact us today for a free consultation. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Near Me

Motorcycle Accidents As a motorcyclist, you are putting yourself in a vulnerable position.
Yet, it does not excuse the negligence of drivers who fail to operate around you.
If they do not look out for you and do not drive in a manner
That promotes your safety, and you should be held liable for any injuries you’re incurred.

Police officers, insurance companies, and judges often make
assumptions about motorcyclists being reckless and side with
The driver of a car was involved in a collision.

This makes it very hard for bikers injured by a driver’s
negligence or carelessness in holding the driver accountable and
get the compensation they deserve.
We protect motorcyclists’ rights in Georgia and will fight for
When you are injured, contact us today.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death“Not every personal injury claim involves,

The injured themselves are requesting legal recourse.

In some cases, if the accident was fatal,

The surviving family can seek compensation to cover,

Funeral and burial costs, the loss of future income, 

And even the loss of companionship.

Your injury attorneys in Atlanta know how troublesome,

It can be to handle these types of cases – you can rest easier knowing that we will fight tooth and nail to defend you.

If you lost a loved one because of another person’s carelessness, negligence, 

willful intention, you Having the ability to hold that person,

Accountable through a wrongful death action.

Contact one of our Metro Atlanta law offices to

Talk to an attorney about Georgia wrongful death lawsuits. 

We want to help you protect and provide for the family so torn apart by a negligent person. 

Workers Comp

Workers Comp, with as many hours as we spend at our jobs,

It is no surprise that employees can suffer severe injuries,

And illnesses from accidents that occur or from long-lasting circumstances.

created workers’ compensation, 

created workers compensation,

To protect the rights of workers as a no-fault type of 

insurance coverage. 

Our injury law firm in Atlanta, GA,

Knows the nuances that surround these types of claims and,

Is prepared to do everything possible to help our clients. If you have experienced any resistance from your employer,

Following a work injury,

It would help if you talked to one of our workers’ comp attorneys as soon as possible. Maybe you think you have a right to something to this critical coverage, 

But you could be left out in the cold if your employer disagrees. 

Our legal team will fight to protect your right to the benefits,

You deserve. 

Contact any one of our eight Metro Atlanta offices,

To discuss your situation with an experienced 

Workers’ comp attorney.

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