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Witherite Law Group

Our Accident Attorneys Fight to Get the Settlement You Deserve.

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Witherite Law Group

Our Personal Injury Attorneys (Witherite Law Group) fight for your rights. When you hire an accident lawyer, you want a firm that has a car and truck wreck expertise, cares about you as a person, and will guide you through the process. With offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Atlanta, we provide personal injury legal services to a wide variety of clients, regardless of their socioeconomic class, education,

Status in life.

We will improve the life of each person we serve—our clients, community, and one another as employees.

Witherite Law Group, Our Values are Powerful:

People First. Expertise. Integrity Always.

We help personal injury victims get the settlement they deserve when they have suffered an injury or property damage because of the negligence of a driver or company.

Service to others is our golden rule, Always act with integrity. 
That’s why we first get you the medical care and treatment, you need.

Our legal team guides you every step of the way. We investigate your accident using a mixture of information and resources, for building video footage to drones. Our investigators also conduct deep, online research to ensure all facts acknowledge and uncover. We even send our lawyers to truck driving school. 

Expertise matters. 

The accident lawyers committee and determined to protect your rights.
Tell us about your wreck, and we’ll provide you a FREE case evaluation.

Witherite Law Group

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A commercial truck accident involves regulations and at least three parties, the driver, truck owner and trailer owner. Don’t settle on your own. Hire the legal expertise you need.

Truck wrecks can have many causes, including driver negligence, road hazards, drugs, poor maintenance, poor dispatch rules, suggestions, and many more. Truck drivers have a duty to follow strict safety guidelines. Trucking companies also have a duty to ensure they and their drivers adhere to local, state, and federal laws regulations.

You need a truck accident attorney who understands the complexity of multiple parties, commercial laws, regulations, and safety requirements. One failure to follow protocol can cause a wreck and make a driver, truck owner or trailer owner accountable for related injuries and damages.


Q I got into a wreck. It was not my fault. Now the lawyer will not help me with my property damage. What can I do?

Most PI firms won't help with the property damage, but here at EW we do!

With respect; as much as we would like to assist, if you are currently being represented by another firm, we cannot assist or discuss your case with you.

Q Do they help get your car fixed or are they just injury

We do assist with the property damage! We try to take away as much stress as we can for our clients!

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